First post on the blog

First post

Well I think I'm supposed to write something here, lets test some Markdown!

This snippet:

* List Item 1
* List Item 2

Will generate this list:

  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2

We can write some Mussum Ipsum here to test the paragraphs:

Mussum Ipsum, cacilds vidis litro abertis. Todo mundo vê os porris que eu tomo, mas ninguém vê os tombis que eu levo! Delegadis gente finis, bibendum egestas augue arcu ut est. Admodum accumsan disputationi eu sit. Vide electram sadipscing et per. Si u mundo tá muito paradis? Toma um mé que o mundo vai girarzis!
Mauris nec dolor in eros commodo tempor. Aenean aliquam molestie leo, vitae iaculis nisl. Atirei o pau no gatis, per gatis num morreus. Per aumento de cachacis, eu reclamis. Interessantiss quisso pudia ce receita de bolis, mais bolis eu num gostis.

What about some code snippets?

public static void main(){
    SpringApplication.run(Application.class, args);

That's cool, but what if I want to quote someone?

Builder. Terrible concept, since it encourages us to create and use big, complex objects. If you need a builder, there is already something wrong in your code. Refactor it so any object is easy to create through its constructors.


I'm kinda liking this :sunglasses: (I know, this emoji thing only works on GitHub -.-)

I'll be back in another post explaining how I create this blog. Bye!