About me



My name is Victor Carvalho, I'm a technologist, java programmer at the moment, living in Curitiba - BR. I love technology specially programming, I've worked with a lot of things like Java, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring cloud, JSF, Thymeleaf, Android (the java one, not kotlin :haha:), C#, PHP, Codeigniter, Jquery, AngularJS, Angular (yeah the one that is called only "Angular"), Ionic, Clojure, Dart. I always loved to learn new things, so if you can teach me some, get in touch:

My history

I started in this technology world by getting very curious about how those awesome games that I used to play on my aunt's Windows 98 was made. Games like Viper Racing, some internet games like a copy of Metal Slug that I played on what I believe that were the first "Online games site" in Brasil, Fliperama, and also some other games that I saw on a friend's computer, like Age of Empires.

My first contact was with HTML, at that time (somewhere around 2001) the information was very restricted and with poor internet connections we need to wait till mid night to "surf the web". That was not a problem at all after I discover the wonderful world of internet, one of my first searches was "How to make computer games" :lol:

I end up in a random page that was describing the most important HTML tags and explaining how to use them: First, create a text file and name it "anything.HTML", then write these tags, add this 'style' tag and voila you're a programmer, and all your family thinks that you are super gifted. At that time I was 7 or 8 years old and to me, drawing with HTML, even thou I only drew some squares and add some stories (like the little red riding hood) and colors inside it, was WAY cooler than with Paint.

After that I pass trough some time without having a computer to mess with, then in 2007, when I was 13 years old, my father buys a computer, it was a piece of crap, but it was mine, and now, with the interest for playing games, and some knowledge about what was a programmer, came that curiosity about how the games were made, this time we already had google and stuff that made my life way easier when I searched on the internet: "How to become a programmer".

Then I started to learn things like C and Java, but understanding nothing, just the very basics. Well this curiosity about how the games are made I carry with me until these days, but with this I started to learn and to get more and more interested by this beautiful world of technology, then I finish the school and after some years I graduated as a technologist by IFPR a federal university here in Brazil.

My first job as programmer was a internship, in a very small company, when I still was on College. I'm wordless thankful for the people that I met there, because that experience build up all my base as a programmer, and also as a person, so thank you MPSYS :)

After that I worked in some other companies, like a software factory, a company that built software for dam security, a non profit organization, and some big ones like Mastercard (yeah that one in your credit card), Wipro, Bradesco Next, PicPay. Now I'm working for Nubank, the biggest digital bank in latin america, as a software engineer.

This blog is what I consider my first real personal project, I have some more and if everything goes right, I will use it as a way to share my thoughts and my learnings while I fulfill my curiosities about the programming world.

If you read to this part, here, take a cookie: I promise, at the time you done eating it, you will feel right as rain.